"With  a  mix  of  Rock,  Country,  Americana and with  a  hint  of "Southern" influence coming from a line up of professionals from within the business, Chase Encounter  are  in no  doubt  a  talented  and  powerful  band.  The  songs  are  meaningful  and  obviously  from life  experience. The  experience  of  these  musicians  is  in  no  doubt demonstrated  in  their  interpretation  and  skill,  each adding  to  the  end  product".  Andy Green - A&R Hound Music


"On The Road Again" -    The debut album from Chase Encounter

This is a very refreshing album to listen to. A unique blend of catchy songs written in southern and classic styles. These guys have done a great job constructing this album, from the song selection to the sound they have achieved. It's great to hear a band that can play real rock & roll and not rely on studio tricks and midi sequencers. The recording is the highest possible quality and truly allows each instrument to stand out on it's own without sounding brash, yet blending perfectly into the overall mix without becoming muddy. I immediately liked the songs "Black Sheep" and "Company Man" and have been really enjoying listening to this album.

Dan MacDonald - Antisocial Network Radio