Featured on Chrisy D show on THNK radio April 2014   

Re-Mix "Black Sheep" on Antisocial Network Radio November 2014   

"With  a  mix  of  Rock,  Country,  Americana and with  a  hint  of "Southern" influence coming from a line up of professionals from within the business, they  are  in no  doubt  a  talented  and  powerful  band.  The  songs  are  meaningful  and  obviously  from life  experience. The  experience  of  these  musicians  is  in  no  doubt demonstrated  in  their  interpretation  and  skill,  each adding  to  the  end  product. Which can range from good time rock to soulful and meaningful songs"


It all started as a bit of fun and one track being recorded by request after hearing a live version. That was "Gambler".  The result was a lot of fun and because the blend of musicians came together with ease it was decided to do some more. The aim is to create and play music they enjoy and it seems a lot of people also like what they do.

Due to everyone being involved with other bands, recording sessions and generally busy people in the music business, the chance to get together does not come as often as would be liked. 

When they do get together.... a great time is had by all.