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On the Independent  Artist Promotion  pages you will find music players of artists  of all genres. 

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You may not see Hound Music that often, we work in the background driving our artists forward.

Hound is dedicated to helping artists survive and create in the music business, which all of us know can be difficult and frustrating.  We can help with support and promotion.  We also have our own signed artists.

Whether you are an independent artist or signed to us, your music is important to us. 

For your music to be on the website it must reach acceptable standards of recording.

For more information mail us  Hound Contacts 

What ever stage you're at, Hound may well be able to help. 

Recording music. Playing music. Gigs. Venues. Booking agents. Recording Music Video. Touring.

      Our aim is to help talent reach its full potential.        

"I am truly impressed by you Hound Music. In the time that I have known of you, I see your integrity, support and genuine reality based interest in Artists". 

"Bravo, for being Real" .. Debra Dant

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